Jul 03 REM sleep critical for young brain development; medication interferes, Neuroscience

Jul 03 Many new teen drivers 'crash' in simulated driving task, Health

Jul 03 Brain folding related to surface area and thickness, not number of neurons, Neuroscience

Jul 03 Making waves with groundbreaking brain research, Neuroscience

Jul 03 Feeling impulsive or frustrated? Take a nap, Health

Jul 03 Could insulin pills prevent diabetes? Big study seeks answer, Diabetes

Jul 03 Americans' risk of dying from cancer is falling, CDC finds, Cancer

Jul 03 Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis shows encouraging trial results, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Jul 03 Millions of children's lives saved through low-cost investments, Health

Jul 02 Prion trials and tribulations: Finding the right tools and experimental models, Medical research

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