16:00 Quality of US diet shows modest improvement, but overall remains poor, Health

16:00 Family dinners reduce effects of cyberbullying in adolescents, Psychology & Psychiatry

15:30 Location of body fat can increase hypertension risk, Cardiology

10:30 New diagnosis technique to counter rapid rise in knee replacements, Surgery

10:30 Training your brain to prefer healthy foods, Health

10:21 Preterm or small birth tied to long-term risks to heart, brain, Pediatrics

10:20 Carcinogenic role of a protein in liver decoded, Medical research

09:45 A nucleotide change could initiate fragile X syndrome, Genetics

08:50 Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations, Neuroscience

08:20 Researchers find evidence of a link between high fat diets, gut bacteria, and bowel cancer, Cancer

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