18:30 Moderate coffee consumption lessens risk of clogged arteries and heart attacks, Health

18:30 Risks of taking paracetamol long-term may have been underestimated by clinicians, Medications

16:00 Despite broad awareness, only half of doctors use prescription drug monitoring programs, Medications

15:45 Study shows why some brain cancers resist treatment, Cancer

15:00 New insight into antibiotic resistance strengthens call for increased focus on research, Medical research

15:00 Brain waves: Basal forebrain neurons fine-tune consciousness by synchronizing rhythms in the cortex, Neuroscience

15:00 Maternal health in India much worse than previously thought, new study finds, Health

15:00 Researchers find direct link between insulin resistance and behavioral disorders, Medical research

14:00 Disease-carrying fleas abound on New York City's rats, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

12:37 Anxious people more apt to make bad decisions amid uncertainty, Neuroscience

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