14:00 E-cigarettes may pose a risk in pregnancy and to children, Health

13:24 Study provides evidence against the fetal origins of cancer and cardiovascular disease, Health

13:20 Love the cook: Attraction to comfort food linked to positive social connections, Health

12:51 Researchers discover how body's good fat tissue communicates with brain, Neuroscience

09:51 Three drinks per day may raise liver cancer risk, but coffee lowers it, Cancer

09:11 CDC: Hypertension-related deaths on the rise in US, Cardiology

08:50 Researchers offer update on immunotherapy based cancer fighting drugs, Cancer

08:31 Controlling inflammation in fat cells to fight obesity-induced diabetes, Immunology

08:31 New stent devices can limit stroke damage, says neurosurgeon, Cardiology

08:00 Disrupted biological clock linked to Alzheimer's disease, Neuroscience

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